First Alma, then seniors get the cold shoulder

From Bob Foster:
Dear MPP’s,
It’s time for someone to stand up and question Aileen Carroll,about her lack of concern for senior citizens in this province,and for her horrific handling of Ontario’s built heritage.I’ve attached a letter written by a senior citizen,who is concerned about his locked in pension,and Minister Carroll responded by telling the senior “he was not in her constituency”,and could not assist him in anyway.Imagine Aileen Carroll,minister responsible for seniors,and she pretty much told the gentleman (a senior citizen),she will not assist him with his pension concerns.He wrote a second letter informing her that since she was minister responsible for seniors,should she not be assisting all seniors in the province of Ontario.He stated he still has not received a response to his pension concerns.He also stated other senior citizens have had the same concerns with Aileen Carroll,not responding to their many letters.She has also been giving excuses to opposition members,when they rise in the legislature to ask what exactly is she doing to rectify the concern of these seniors.She is also neglecting her duties as Culture Minister,for which I have pointed out on many occasions,her lack of concern with built heritage issues in this province,now she is completely ignoring the seniors citizens in our province,by not addressing their concerns,especially during this time of economic uncertainty.Aileen Carroll needs to be called on the carpet,and asked why she refuses to respond to the citizens of this province,when they have serious concerns,that need her immediate attention.
I urge all members to please read the attached article.
Aileen Carroll


One thought on “First Alma, then seniors get the cold shoulder

  1. I’ve written on a few occasions about our beloved Alma,my wife and myself are now retired and divide our time between St.Thomas and Miami,we have concerns about our pensions as well.I wont give the impression that we are in any difficulties financially,but like most seniors we do have concerns.Now that I have somewhat adjusted to using the internet,I have been keeping up with topics of interest and Im finding that Aileen Carroll has surely been falling behind (to put it kindly) with her duties as minister responsible for seniors and as minister of culture.My wife has written to the minister about our pension concerns and have yet to get a response,our letter was sent in early february of this year.We also sent our concerns about the property at 96 Moore Street and that to has fallen on deaf ears.I hope the premier realizes what his ministers are up to,and its true with the economy being in such dire straits,we need this minister to be up front and honest,otherwise cash strapped seniors across Ontario will be left with the decision of paying the bills (or) buying food,some cannot afford to do both,a sobering thought indeed.

    Lloyd Beeston

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