Culture Minister Aileen Carroll – her past victories and future promise

Culture Minister Aileen Carroll

Culture Minister Aileen Carroll

From Bob Foster:
I had to laugh out loud when I read the above headline about Aileen Carroll.Our “culture minister” plans to speak at the Economic Club of Canada to discuss “past victories & future promise”,I have but one question,are you serious? Does anyone in the ministry of culture really believe they’ve had any victories,and as far as the future of built heritage is concerned,its very disturbing to say the least.The mere fact that Aileen Carroll could stand before any group of people,and with a straight face say that she has had even one victory with built heritage,is an exaggeration to say the least.Minister Carroll has failed miserably with built heritage,and the proof is still evident at 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,where 11 months after the blaze that levelled Alma College,the 2 remaining buildings still have an uncertain future,without government protection.It’s an absolute joke that Aileen Carroll would take any credit,because to take credit,you must accomplish something worth talking about,and the only thing that is concrete,is this minister’s complete disregard for Ontario’s built heritage.I’ve attached a photo of Alma College engulfed in flames,and I give Minister Carroll full permisssion to use the photo during her speech,to show the audience how her refusal to provincially designate the college,lead to it’s demise,and if she considers Alma College a victory for her ministry,then she has won the first place ribbon,for incompetence.Simply unbelievable that Premier McGuinty has allowed this sideshow to continue for so long,because our history is at stake and Aileen Carroll is asleep at the wheel,of the wrecking ball!

Bob Foster

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