St. Thomas candidates quick to check in on expenses


In the Oct. 9 edition of City Scope, a local business owner posed the following:“why would we support a candidate that hasn’t supported one of it’s own voters?”

The comment is in the context of candidates spending the majority of their campaign expenses locally, since all mayoral and aldermanic candidates have stressed the need to bring new businesses to St. Thomas and utilize existing outlets.

More details are available here.

Within hours of posting this week’s City Scope, two candidates, John Allen and Joe Docherty sent along a breakdown of their expenses. I applaud both of them for their response.

Here are the details:

As requested in you column October 9 2010 Time Journal, I have thus far spent approximately $1,700 on brochures, signs, and print ads. None of this money is from donation it is all out of my own pocket. I used two local printers and a local sign maker. I am not naming them as I feel it is unfair to other similar local business. I also shop at the Horton Market and am a proponent of buying locally whenever possible,

On another topic, please note that I was away on vacation at the time of the accessibility challenge and did not learn of it until it was over. I regret not having had an opportunity to participate in it. As a Personal Support Worker this is a very important issue for me especially since I work with people, on a daily basis, who face these challenges. It is one thing to experience what it is like for maybe an hour or so, it is quite another to live (and work) with it every day.

Thank you for your time

John Allen

As a mostly self-funded aldermanic candidate and a former small business operator, I agree with the independent business proprietor’s stance.

So far, my expenses are in the range of $1,300.00. Of that total, 100% was spent locally.
Photography and website development was done by Jim McHarg. Campaign brochures were designed and printed at Impressions Printing. Lawn signs were partly recycled from my 2006 campaign and a further lot was purchased from Al Jewell Signs, who also did the 2006 signs. Wooden stakes for these signs were purchased at Rona.

There will be further advertising with the T-J and the Weekly News. Small business is the engine which drives the economy and it is crucial to support our local business.

I look forward to the all candidates meeting at St. Anne’s and seeing you and answering your questions.

Joe Docherty,
Aldermanic Candidate.

One thought on “St. Thomas candidates quick to check in on expenses

  1. Hi Ian,

    My campaign material has been purchased entirely in St.Thomas. VanPelts for the flyers & buttons, and Ken Jones for the signs.
    My daughter is very computer savvy and designed the flyer & website for me.

    Thanks very much,
    Joan Rymal


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