Behind the scenes financially after the 2010 municipal vote


Lost in the swirl of indignation following Round 2 of public sector salary disclosures this week were revelations contained in the financial declarations of all candidates in the 2010 municipal election.

This week, we’ll take a look at the three mayoral contestants in what proved, at times, to be a nasty battle, with the beleaguered Sutherland Press building serving as a bizarre backdrop.

Suffering through a double downside was Al Riddell, who lost at the polls and in the pocket.

According to his financial declaration, Riddell poured $17,062.69 into his bid to sit as mayor, nearly double the combined amount of the other two candidates.

That works out to nearly $6 for every vote he garnered. A poor investment for a third-place finish.
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St. Thomas candidates quick to check in on expenses


In the Oct. 9 edition of City Scope, a local business owner posed the following:“why would we support a candidate that hasn’t supported one of it’s own voters?”

The comment is in the context of candidates spending the majority of their campaign expenses locally, since all mayoral and aldermanic candidates have stressed the need to bring new businesses to St. Thomas and utilize existing outlets.

More details are available here.

Within hours of posting this week’s City Scope, two candidates, John Allen and Joe Docherty sent along a breakdown of their expenses. I applaud both of them for their response.
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