The municipal vote — destined to be a political throw down?


We’ve had some explosive election campaigns in the last 20 years or so — witness the Cliff Barwick versus Janet Golding battle that launched the political career of a young Steve Peters.

However, the prevailing atmosphere entering the final countdown to this month’s municipal vote is nothing short of distressing.

Does every lobby group, neighbourhood association and loose-knit organization have to put forth a slate of candidates which, if the rest of the voters don’t support, St. Thomas will go to hell in a hand-cart?

We have a city developer with his list of magnificent seven who must comprise the majority of the new council or we will languish in the quagmire, while the rest of the country passes us by.

My, what a responsibility we voters face if we fail to follow suit.
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CAW study finds job gains aren’t as great as they seem

Ford Canada St. Thomas Assembly Plant

The economic recovery is leaving workers behind, while others are toiling in “survivor” jobs with low pay and little security, states a report released Monday by the Canadian Auto Workers union.

The study, called the Workers Adjustment Tracking Project, followed a group of laid-off workers in three communities — Kitchener, Toronto and Brampton — for one year and concludes they’re struggling to find work.

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Leadership is action, not position

On Oct. 18 of last year this corner editorialized on the need for our municipal officials to gather with their counterparts throughout the county to hold an economic summit to deal with the staggering job losses in St. Thomas and Elgin.
They have failed to act on this, instead Mayor Cliff Barwick jetted off to Japan for a two-week junket that accomplished little. In fact, Barwick would have been far better off visiting Pittsburgh to see how that former rust belt city has magnificently transformed itself.
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