Unplugging the homelessness bottleneck in St. Thomas-Elgin

city_scope_logo-cmyk“I think it’s very important that we keep in mind that the solution to homelessness is not an emergency shelter.
“The solution to homelessness is housing and housing with supports.”
That was the salient takeaway from the lengthy discussion at the July 11 council meeting revolving around The Inn, the city’s emergency shelter.
The observation, which pivoted the dialogue back on track to long-term solutions instead of short-term fixes, was put forward by Danielle Neilson, the city’s homelessness and housing supervisor.
She followed that with, “And, in our community, we have plans, not only in place or being considered, but actions that are working.
“And, we have lots to be proud of in St. Thomas.”
Proof of that was evident in a media release issued July 8 by Built For Zero, a program of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

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STMHA says policy not self righteous, it’s about playing hockey


Last week’s letter from Jennifer Swales read here charging rule changes adopted by St. Thomas Minor Hockey Association smack of discrimination prompted a flurry of emotional letters to the editor, phone calls and emails.

In summary, under the new rules, if a child has received a subsidy for house league hockey, they cannot try out or play on a travel team.

“Individuals who made this rule based on ‘financial concerns’ for the parents smack of righteousness and assumptions and we all know what that does,” Swales charged.

In response to her email of Aug. 16, STMHA president Chris Smith offered the following rebuttal.

“Our Board of Directors are not ignorant to the economic landscape of our city, nor are we trying to ostracize any families, however you must understand our economic pressures,” stressed Smith.
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New minor hockey rule ‘smacks of discrimination’


Jennifer Swales is hot enough under the collar to melt the ice at the Timken Centre.

In an email to this corner, Swales expressed concerns about rule changes adopted this season by St. Thomas Minor Hockey Association.

Apparently under the new rules, if a child has received a subsidy for hockey they cannot tryout or play on a travel team, advises Swales.

“This rule at the very least smacks of discrimination,” she continues.

“How these families raise the money should have zero bearing on this league. These children work delivering papers, cutting grass, saving birthday money. These families have to qualify for subsidy.”
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This is not how you thank a great Timken Centre tenant

If he believes in reincarnation, then surely Ald. Bill Aarts will come back to life as a dragster . . . his flame-out Monday at city council is the envy of nitro-burning funny cars everywhere.

Did he and Ald. Lori Baldwin-Sands actually believe they could convince at least two other members of St. Thomas council to commit political hari-kari in front of a large contingent of minor hockey supporters and a live television audience?
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