Downloadable app would alert and advise St. Thomas residents

city_scope_logo-cmykThe Town of Aylmer is already on board and now St. Thomas has the opportunity to partner with that municipality on the implementation of a community notification/alert system.
Last year Aylmer, in conjunction with a pair of local industries – the Integrated Grain Processors Co-op ethanol plant and Air Liquide – entered into an agreement with ICEsoft Technologies of Calgary to purchase their Voyent Alert system.
The firm’s website notes, “The flexible platform serves the dual purpose of alerting and advising residents during a critical incident as well as providing targeted day-to-day communication services.” Continue reading

2010 Public Sector Salaries, Aylmer and Township of Malahide

Figures released for 2010 salaries (2009 salary in brackets)
GIBSON, WILLIAM Const. first class police constable $106,749 (new)
KNIGHT, MICHAEL Sgt., police $111,082 ($107,517)
LAWRENCE, PAUL Const., first class police constable $106,454 ($103,418)
REYMER, ANDREW Deputy Chief, Police $116,193 ($117,274)
SEGUI, BILARDINO Chief, Police $123,875 ($118,791)

Township of Malahide
WILSON, SUSAN Director of Finance $102,584 ($102,152)

Complete 2010 municipal election results from across Elgin

Heather Jackson-Chapman, 3,666
Cliff Barwick, incumbent, 3,158
Al Riddell, 2,910

(seven to be elected)
Lori Baldwin-Sands, incumbent, 5,366
Jeff Kohler, 4,691
Mark Cosens, 4,592
Gord Campbell, 4,415
Dave Warden, 4,037
Sam Yusuf, 3,760
Tom Johnston, 3,681

Linda Stevenson, 3,294
Peter Ostojic, 2,948
Bill Sandison, 2,699
Ryan Dolby, 2,607
Rose Gibson, 2,243
Joe Docherty, 2,114
John Allen, 1,966
Joan Rymal, 1,945
Joseph Fric, 1,708
Wayne Northcott, 810
Shawn Claridge, 631
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2009 Public Sector Salaries, Aylmer and Township of Malahide

Figures released March 31, 2010 for 2009 salaries – 2008 salary in brackets
KNIGHT, MICHAEL Sgt., police $107,517 (new)
LAWRENCE, PAUL Const., police $103,418 (new)
REYMER, ANDREW Deputy Chief, Police $117,274 ($109,815)
SEGUI, BILARDINO Chief, Police $118,791 ($107,236)

Township of Malahide
MILLARD, RANDY Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk $112,226 ($106,792)
WILSON, SUSAN $102,152 (new)

From bridesmaid to bankruptcy, the sad tale of Walker Transport

Posted by Ian: Last fall, MacKinnon Transport of Guelph purchased long-established Elgin trucking firm, Walker Transport. In January of 2010, Walker filed for creditor protection, this after laying off 30 drivers the week before Christmas. Obviously the family-run business, originally based in Aylmer, caught the attention of MacKinnon and so the merger proved attractive. It’s hard to imagine Walker’s value deteriorated so quickly. Or do you pick off the attractive fruit from the tree and leave the rest to rot. Kyle Rea had the following update in the Times-Journal (see below), and more background is available here and a further backgrounder, including an interview with MacKinnon President and CEO Evan MacKinnon can be found here . Here’s Kyle’s story …

A trucking company with long roots in the St. Thomas area, acquired last year by a Guelph-based business, has filed for bankruptcy.
On Dec. 3, the CIBC bank called in its loan for L.E. Walker Transport Ltd., — five days later, the company filed for creditor protection and remained that way until its assets were purchased by MacKinnon Transport Inc., of Guelph, Ont., on Jan. 8.
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Aylmer IGPC ethanol plant provides economic benefits

Official IGPC plant opening in Aylmer, December, 2008

Construction of the Alymer-based Integrated Grain Processors Co-op Inc. ethanol plant began in mid-2007. The facility has been operational since Oct. 1, 2008. In addition to producing 162 million liters (43 million gallons) of corn-based ethanol annually, the plant also produces approximately 129,600 tons of distillers grains each year.

The plant is owned by a cooperative made up of approximately 900 members. Ownership is nearly evenly split between regional farmers and other representatives of agriculture-related businesses. The facility was capitalized in part by equity investment by the facilities ownership. Additional capitalization was sourced from a consortium of banks and federal and provincial government incentive programs.

In its study, Doyletech found that construction of the plant contributed to a net spending increase within the region of approximately $275 million, was well as an annual increase of at least $50 million in new economic spending in the region as a direct consequence of the plant’s operations.
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Official opening of Aylmer ethanol plant

An ethanol plant which eventually proved to be Brantford’s loss and Aylmer’s gain, celebrated its official opening Wednesday, Dec. 17.

As an audience sitting inside a plastic tent shivered, officials toasted the stories which started with a group of farmers committed to investing in a plant that would eventually attract more than $14 million in government funding.
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