‘Every job entails paperwork . . . but definitely the balance has shifted’ – Dr. Kellie Scott on the doctor shortage in Elgin and across Ontario

city_scope_logo-cmykWe hear disturbing stories about the doctor shortage in this province and across the country.
According to recent statistics, 2.2 million Ontario residents do not have a family doctor. And it’s not a problem confined to someone else’s backyard. In Elgin county last year, at least 7,000 residents are without a family doctor.
Quite often, it is individuals most vulnerable who have no access.
Just under 2,000 residents with the lowest incomes are particularly hard hit.
About 750 of those have mental health issues and approximately 360 have diabetes.
A condition that requires regular blood tests and medication renewals.
Many of these individuals end up in the emergency department because they have nowhere else to go.
“If you don’t have a family physician and you have an issue that needs to be addressed, you end up sometimes getting referred to a specialist for care that doesn’t need to be provided by a specialist and that just lengthens the wait list for everyone.”
At the beginning of May, we had an insightful conversation with Dr. Kellie Scott, a St. Thomas family physician.
She is also a member of the St. Thomas Elgin Health recruitment partnership.

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