Jason McComb begins his trek to Ottawa

Jason McComb departs St. Thomas city hall shortly after 8:30 on Nov. 12, 2013.

Jason McComb departs St. Thomas city hall shortly after 8:30 on Nov. 12, 2013.

Homeless advocate Jason McComb descended the steps at city hall shortly after 8:30 Tuesday morning to begin his walk across the province to Ottawa to draw attention to the plight of the less fortunate in general and, in particular, those veterans who have been abandoned by the country they served.

He’ll put in 10- or 11-hour days trekking eastward with stops along the way, including Ingersoll tonight and then on to Kitchener and Hamilton, in an effort to shatter the stigma of the homeless.

It’s a daunting undertaking at a time of year when the weather can be most unwelcoming, as was the case overnight Monday.

“I’m going to rough it, like when I first became homeless,” Jason told City Scope last week. “I didn’t know what to expect. It might be a little dangerous, but so was ending up homeless.”

When he arrives in Ottawa, Jason aims to talk to anyone who will listen to his pitch on protecting society’s lost souls. And, we’ve just found out MP Joe Preston will hook up with Jason when he does arrive in the capital.

“Things like preventing homelessness among seniors. I look out for absolutely everybody. I love the push for affordable housing, but let’s take care of the current homeless . . . the here and now.”

We’ll track Jason’s progress across the province, in the meantime you can find more on Jason’s walk here.


Jason has been hampered by snow squalls all day and the threat of continued snow late into the evening. He is spending Tuesday night in east London and will head for Woodstock early Wednesday morning. He is cold, but in good spirits and undaunted after a challenging start to his Ottawa trek.

2 thoughts on “Jason McComb begins his trek to Ottawa

  1. Amazing! I love the power of simply walking to bring attention to important issues in need of our help.


  2. There is a little more to it than me simply walking from ST THOMAS to Ottawa but evenifthat was all i am doing as I travel these routes I am it actually could be defined the way you just stated it. There are a lot of people that think similar to the comment you made that “big deal all he is doing is taking a really long time to take a really long walk, anyone could do it”. I beg to question that as well as other slurs that have been made but it is very late and although all I did today was walk in so many minds I am exhausted some may think I don’t need much test because all I am doing tomorrow is walking but both are untrue there is still as you said a lot of power in it if that was all that I am enduring (long walk) the overwhelming show of support and encouragement has been coming on a plethoras of plethoras! I keep falling asleep I must rest for Woodstock in the morning thank you Jack for your optimistic comment!
    Jason H. McComb


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