Jason McComb is walking for society’s lost souls


There’s no doubt Jason McComb can be a thorn in the side of city administrators.
Not only is he an outspoken advocate for the homeless, he has taken it upon himself to patrol the downtown core in his solitary litter crusade – an undertaking that has put to shame the efforts of this city’s parks staff.
Well next Tuesday Jason is leaving town, if only temporarily.
That’s the day he begins his walk across the province to Ottawa to draw attention to the plight of the less fortunate in general and, in particular, those veterans who have been abandoned by the country they served.
He’ll put in 10- or 11-hour days trekking eastward with stops along the way, including Hamilton, in an effort to shatter the stigma of the homeless as panhandlers begging their way to the next bottle of cheap booze.
It’s a daunting undertaking at a time of year when the weather can be most unwelcoming.
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