Meth clinic to open in St. Thomas

Posted by Ian:

Have confirmation a new pharmacy will open on Monday, March 2 at the west end of Talbot Street near Tim Hortons. It will feature a meth clinic, similar to one now operating in London. In fact the facility may be owned by the same individual who operates London Medical Pharmacy’s methadone maintenance treatment centre at 528 Dundas St. E. Any further details would be appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Meth clinic to open in St. Thomas

  1. is this what Clinic 217 is? I was looking for houses in the area, found a great one, but it was a block away and in perfect view of this place. Unfortunate for st thomas real estate, lucky for those in need, i suppose. compared to london its a small place, is there really such demand?

  2. Nikki: Yes, this is the clinic I made reference to. It is owned by an individual operating a similar clinic in London. St. Thomas may only be 1/10th the size of London, but obviously there is a need for such a facility, moreso with the increasing number of workers unemployed. Hope you find a good place to call home. Ian

  3. i would like the address and phone # of the clinic plaese
    tim cole

  4. Tim … Clinic is located at 217 Talbot St. in St. Thomas. Phone number is 519- 631-3300.

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