Green Energy Act a glaring example of Liberal government’s indifference to rights and interests of rural Ontarians

Owen Sound Sun Times
An Arran-Elderslie councillor wants his council to enforce its rights under the Ontario Municipal Act and impose a moratorium on wind energy projects.

Elderslie ward Coun. Mark Davis said last week the municipality can impose moratorium legislation for one year, with the opportunity to extend it for another year, “if we feel an issue needs further study. These wind energy projects certainly fall under that category,” said Davis, who has always been an outspoken critic of wind turbines.

“Council should consider implementing a moratorium to put a hold on these things until we know more about them, their impact and until the province gets its Green Energy Act in place,” Davis added.

Meanwhile, Arran-Elderslie is joining forces with other Ontario municipalities in a letter-writing campaign to Premier Dalton McGuinty requesting further study into the impacts of industrial wind complexes and other renewable installations.

“Bill 150 essentially excludes Ontarians from any say in the establishment and location of industrial wind turbine plants,” the letter states.

“It provides a glaring example of the Liberal government’s systematic indifference to the rights and interests of rural Ontarians and an inexcusable disregard for public health concerns.”

The letter asks for an independent third-party study “surrounding the rapid and improper installation of industrial wind projects throughout Ontario.”

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