A letter to culture minister Aileen Carroll from Bob Foster re: her pension

Aileen Carroll

Aileen Carroll

I was doing some research,and found a video clip on YouTube,in which you were asked how much you were receiving from the federal government,in pension money,and in the video clip,you seemed quite annoyed at the question,and refused to give specifics.I have to wonder how a politician,who is receiving a federal pension of $46,000,and collecting over $160,000 as culture minister, can still refuse to answer the Ontario taxpayer’s questions.Since I am a Canadian,and I live in Ontario,I feel that I have a right to know,if you will finally step forward and designate 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,as provincially significant.You are receiving quite a bit of money from the federal and provincial government for your work, so I feel at the very least, you owe the Alma supporters an answer.Our politicians are paid with tax dollars,and since quite a bit of those tax dollars are going directly into your bank account,from the provincial and federal level, do you not feel obligated to answer?

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Robert F.Foster

One thought on “A letter to culture minister Aileen Carroll from Bob Foster re: her pension

  1. As a person who was involved in gathering signatures to save Alma College,I believe minister Carroll has been neglecting her duties as protector of Ontarios heritage.Many residents from St.Thomas,from across Ontario and Canada tried in vain to get our government to protect the college from being demolished,but in the end the culture minister ignored our petitions,and the end result is visible at 96 Moore Street.If we hope to save the 2 remaining buildings on the property,we must stand up and be heard,because if we don’t the only thing that will remain of the college,is an empty field.Write to the minister of Culture and to the premier,and let our voices be heard. I love my city,and now that St.Thomas no longer has a great landmark,we have to re-build and make this a landmark once more.

    Jamie Summers

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