Aileen Carroll misses the call, again

Minister Carroll,
It’s an absolute DISGRACE that once again,you have allowed another historic building to be demolished.The Erie Street United Church,in Ridgetown,Ontario is another glaring example of your complete FAILURE as Minister of Culture.What will it take for you to see the value in Ontario’s heritage?.We lost Alma College in St.Thomas,Ont on May 28th,2008 due to your lack of interest.It has become very apparent that you’re more interested in opening art galleries,and celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Ontario Science Centre,for which you were all over the news “bubbling” with enthusiasm for this “regal” event.Could you possibly put some of that enthusiasm towards our built heritage?.At the rate you’re going,you could wipe out all of Ontario’s built heritage,with one term in office.These buildings have stood upwards of 100 years,withstood the brutal Canadian weather,have given back to the Province of Ontario in spades,and your way of re-paying the favour,is to send the wrecking ball to their front door.Premier McGuinty needs to rein you in,before you completely wipe out Ontario’s identity.Every building you demolish,is like tearing a page from the history book,every time a building falls to the ground,so to goes with it the legacy that took a 100 years to create.I’m not only sad for the people who are fighting for our heritage today,I’m also sad for the people who years from now,will only have photograph’s of these beautiful & historic buildings.It’s a very sad time for our built heritage,and I can safely say the biggest threat to every historic building in the Province of Ontario,is Aileen Carroll.

Bob Foster

3 thoughts on “Aileen Carroll misses the call, again

  1. I feel the same disgust with Aileen Carroll.This culture minister is an utter faliure in this position.She has allowed the Erie Street Church in Ridgetown,Ont to fall on her watch.She might as well of swung the wrecking ball herself,she denied a stop work order that would have given time for supporters to find a purchaser and fully restore the church.All the wheels were in motion for a positive outcome,but Aileen Carroll decided to allow the demolition to go ahead, leaving another pile of built heritage rubble for the landfill.I’m amazed that she is still in this position,because I fully agree with Mr.Foster Aileen Carroll will wipe out Ontario’s built heritage with one term in office,and it seems Premier McGuinty has not a clue what the culture minister is up to.She quietly signs off on these historic buildings,and fails to listen to the outcry from thousands of heritage supporters all across Ontario and Canada.Our heritage is being destroyed and Aileen Carroll sits by watching from her Queen’s Park office,waiting for her retirement benefits to kick in,so she can sail off into the sunset,leaving behind a cloud of dust,where built heritage once stood.This minister should be fired and the sooner the better!!

    Michael Quartz
    (Heritage Advocate)

  2. It’s distressing that with all the outrage from heritage advocates far and wide,that the culture minister has still not seen the importance of protecting Ontario’s built heritage.I’ve been researching Aileen Carroll’s track record for some time now and found it’s somewhat of a pattern for her to completely ignore expert advice,and instead go the route of the wrecking ball.Im guessing the paperwork is alot easier for her, if she can just “stamp” the document as “DEMOLISHED”,freeing up her time to open an art gallery,somewhere in the city.I find it very odd that anytime you see Aileen Carroll on the evening news,you NEVER see her standing in front of an historic building,declaring it a heritage property,but instead she appears at regal events,that serve up wine & cheese for her enjoyment.I guess the sight of an abandoned and neglected building doesnt stir up the same passion for her,as a catered event.It’s time for this minister to step down,because it’s very clear built heritage is not even on the agenda,and that leaves every historic building vulnerable to Aileen Carroll and her wrecking ball of destruction!

    Bob Foster

  3. Not only does Aileen Carroll care nothing for our cultural heritage as evidenced by her ruthless and cold approach to the destruction of heritage buildings but as a minister and resident of Simcoe County, she is doing nothing to prevent a dump site (site41) from being built on the most pristine water in the world. They are already draining it (how can they drain a spring?) and threatening to arrest protesters. The Ontario government is going to be the laughingstock of the world for such poor judgement. The organic farmer next to the site will be out of business in no time. Anyone who lives in Barrie and has tried to approach Aileen regarding anything has reported her to be arrogant and unsympathetic. She needs to go but McGuinty is too much of a wimp to fire her. I know a few of his relatives who said they wouldn’t vote for him because they think “he’s an idiot” (quote). Aileen will someday be collecting pensions from both governments and we will be paying her for the bad job she has done.
    Linda Marek

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