Aileen Carroll strikes again

Erie Street United Church, Ridgetown, Ont.

Erie Street United Church, Ridgetown, Ont.

Minister Carroll,
I’ve attached a photo of the Erie Street United Church,in Ridgetown,Ontario.The church was recently demolished,after you FAILED to issue a “stop work order” on the demolition.It’s fast becoming a trend,that you readily give the go ahead to bring down every heritage building that is threatened,without so much as a second look.

This was also the case with Alma College,but in that case you completely ignored expert advice,and an arsonist beat the wrecking ball,to the property.You have failed time & time again to stand up for our heritage,instead allowing history to be brought down,one building at a time.Your wreckless attitude towards our built heritage is alarming,I undersatnd the province is under many constraints,but in many of these cases the public is willing to help find buyers for these properties,and in many cases find other interested parties who are willing to help save these structures,with donated time and materials,but before they can even get organized,you are signing off,allowing destruction,instead of construction.The built heritage in this province needs a champion,who can see the value in saving these structures for our generation,and for all those who will follow.The days of the wrecking ball must come to an end,and that will only happen when the Ministry of Culture puts a heritage advocate at the helm,until such time we are stuck with a minister,who will sign on the dotted line,and give the go ahead to destroy what little we have left.The dust cloud has settled on the Erie Street United Church,but I’m sure you have another heritage building in your sights,so I will now let you go,so you can attach your signature to the demolition papers.Very Sad,very sad indeed.

Robert F.Foster


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