Bombshell letter derails Dunlap Observatory hearing

David Dunlap Observatory

David Dunlap Observatory

Posted by Ian:
My but this story has an eerie familiarity to it. Perhaps because we in St. Thomas have lived through it first hand. Withheld Alma report So what exactly is the mandate of Culture Minister Aileen Carroll and her staff? It would appear preserving the heritage of this province is not anywhere on her radar, as witness this story from Thanks to the Alma Advocacy Association for the heads up.

The Minister of Culture could have preserved the Dunlap Observatory site’s entirety with the stroke of her pen, according to newly-released information.
A letter sent by Ontario Heritage Trust chairperson and former Lt.-Gov. Lincoln Alexander to Culture Minister Aileen Carroll in September, recommends the province take immediate action to declare the site’s main 177 acres a heritage site.
That would mean if designated by the minister, no alterations to the property would be allowed without her consent.

3 thoughts on “Bombshell letter derails Dunlap Observatory hearing

  1. Hi Ian — thanks for drawing attention to the Dunlap issue. The local groups working to preserve David Dunlap Observatory and Park were immensely saddened when we heard about the Alma fire. We need some real “change we can believe in” in this province.

  2. Rod – I used to live in Richmond Hill so I am very familiar with the site. Keep in touch and let’s keep Ontario’s heritage on the front burner. In spite of the fire, the Alma Advocacy Association continues to work diligently here in St. Thomas.

  3. Well I see culture minister,Aileen Carroll has once again ignored expert advice.This minister will not be swayed to act in a positive way,and the proof is in the rubble pile, at 96 Moore Street,in St.Thomas,Ontario.Alma College stood tall & proud at that address for alomost 130 years,and the neglect that was allowed to happen by the city,and the province is all the proof you need,to show that built heritage is not even on the radar of the McGuinty government or culture minister Aileen Carroll.We have thousands of heritage advocates across our province,we have a heritage act in place,that is supposed to protect our built heritage in it’s hour of need,what we dont have,is a minister of culture who is passionate about Ontario’s past.Time & time again minister Carroll has shown opening a new art gallery,is more her cup of tea,the site of an abandoned & neglected building has no affect on her what so ever,and her signature on the demolition papers,of the many buildings she has allowed to fall,is absolute proof of that!!

    Bob Foster

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