Minister Aileen Carroll shows signs of life

Letter submitted by:
Bob Foster

Aileen Carroll

Aileen Carroll

Minister Carroll,
I recently came across an article (on-line) in the Innisfil Journal,in which it’s reported you wrote a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Jim Watson on the boundary issue facing Innisfil and Barrie.The letter is quite passionate,which brings me to the reason I’m writing you today.It seems you would like a quick response from Minister Watson,somewhat similar to the same urgency felt by the supporter’s of the Alma College property,who have been waiting for a response from you,(now going on 9 months).I can see from reading your letter,you would like your issue resolved as soon as possible,again similar to our dilemma with the Alma College property,but you have FAILED to answer the many letters asking for land designation,at 96 Moore Street,in St.Thomas.How is it,you can disregard the public and their letter writing campaign for 96 Moore Street,but expect Minister Watson to jump and respond instantly,to just one of your letters,mainly because you would like to see your issue resolved now,rather than later.Your job as Minister of Culture requires you to handle all of Ontario’s built heritage issues,that means you should be as concerned about St.Thomas,as you are about Barrie and Innisfil.It’s time for the culture ministry to resolve the issue surrounding 96 Moore Street,and designate the property,so the 2 remaining buildings and the outdoor amphi-theatre,have government protection.I can understand your passion for Barrie,what I dont understand,is your lack of passion for our built heritage.

Article from the Innisfil Journal


2 thoughts on “Minister Aileen Carroll shows signs of life

  1. Mr.Foster,
    I to have written to Minister Carroll and have yet to get even one response about built heritage issues.She has no interest in this area of her portfolio.To say she has neglected Ontario’s built heritage is a huge understatement.We have lost countless buildings all across Ontario and this minister refuses to step in and defend our past.Minister Carroll has allowed nearly every structure that is eligible for designation to simply fall.Now its becoming evident that she has in her possesion many reports that state alot of these buildings far exceed the requirements needed under the “much improved” heritage act,yet she ignores expert advice from the Ontario Heritage Trust and allows demolitions to go ahead unchallenged.The straw that broke the camels back was indeed Alma College in St.Thomas,for this building was the number one endangered building in all of Canada,and still she sat by and failed to protect this magnificent piece of architecture,that stood for close to 130 years,which leads to one sobering conclusion,Aileen Carroll,our Culture Minister simply does not care about Ontario’s built heritage,and the rubble piles she has created on her watch are concrete proof (literally)of that.

    Michael Quartz (Heritage Advocate)

  2. Thank you for your comments Michael. Shame on the Minister of Culture, her job should be gone!
    Dawn Doty
    Alma Advocacy Association

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