The answer’s still blowin’ in the wind turbine

Erie Shores Wind Farm

Erie Shores Wind Farm

Posted by Ian:
The subject of the Toronto Star report is the Erie Shores Wind Farms, located about 30 minutes east of St. Thomas in the Port Burwell area. More than 80 gleaming wind turbines spread out through farmers fields above the north shore of Lake Erie …

“Had a foot that (didn’t) heal before I moved out of the house.”

Could wind turbines be to blame?

“Yes,” says Glen Wylds, whose southwestern Ontario farmhouse is less than a kilometre from a dozen of them. “They took life away as we knew it before the wind farm,” Wylds, 56, added in a survey that drew substantial media attention.

The ripple of controversy prompted Premier Dalton McGuinty to vaguely promise to investigate: “We’ll take advantage of the very best information that’s out there to make sure that we’re doing something that’s intelligent,” he said after Dr. Robert McMurtry, a former dean of medicine at the University of Western Ontario, presented the survey results.

Blaming a bad foot on wind turbines sounds far-fetched.
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One thought on “The answer’s still blowin’ in the wind turbine

  1. We have camped at Port Burwell Provincial Park for years. When these windmills started popping up, there were ‘whisperings’ of such issues in the village. My friend Bruce & I puposely drove up to the base of the windmill beside the ‘interpretive centre’ at one o’clock in the morning one day. There was absolutely no traffic, the windmill was turning merrily and we got out of the car, turned it off and stood directly beneath the towering structure. The ONLY sound we could hear, were the crickets chirping around us. No ‘swooshing’ sound…… nothing, except the peaceful nightime sounds that lull us to sleep every night in the campground.

    One of the comments in the Star states: “Wind turbines are evil!
    I live near the wind turbine at the CNE, and ever since that thing was built, I’ve noticed that my toaster is producing somewhat a darker shade of brown on the bread. Ban them now before things get out of hand!

    I love it.

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