Ah, before you go on holiday Aileen Carroll

The Alma College supporters are requesting that the Ministry of Culture give “provincial heritage designation” to 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,before you & your cabinet colleagues embark on a 14 week summer vacation.We’ve now waited well over 11 months for a response from you,and on Thursday May 28th,2009 it will be 1 full year to the day,that we lost the college to arson,however 2 buildings and an outdoor amphi-theater still await protection from your ministry.It would be a fitting tribute to every student and staff member,who walked the halls of Alma College,if they could once again visit the chapel,the music building and the outdoor amphi-theater.Will you step up and give “provincial heritage designation” to this historic land,giving this sad story a positive ending?.We still await some form of a decision.

Bob Foster


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