Don’t forget this in the inventory of places of worship

Inside the chapel
From Bob Foster in Brampton:

Minister Aileen Carroll,
In a recent news release on the CNW Group website,it was reported that the Ontario Heritage Trust was taking inventory of places of worship.At first I was taken aback, because for 15 months we have been trying to convince your ministry to recognize a quaint little chapel located on the grounds of 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,Ont.The chapel was a huge part of Alma College and the thousands of student who passed through the granite gates of the college would eventually enter the chapel at some point to pray,as it was a part of their daily routine.We lost Alma College to fire in May 2008,however the chapel survived,as did the music building and outdoor amphi-theater.It would be a fitting tribute to the great legacy of Alma College,if the Ontario Heritage Trust would recognize the chapel as a place of worship,and it would also be fitting if the ministry of culture would give provincial heritage designation to 96 Moore Street,so the chapel,music building and outdoor amphi-theater would be protected from any further neglect.The Alma supporters are formally asking your ministry to recognize 96 Moore Street.I’ve included a few photographs of the chapel,and if your ministry is serious about taking inventory of places of worship,starting with the chapel at 96 Moore Street,would be a great start.The chapel may not be a grand old church,but many a student prayed inside her walls,and the chapel brought piece and comfort to all those students who came to study at Alma College,from all across the globe.Alma College gave to our province for well over 100 years,it’s now time for the Ontario government to give back with provincial heritage designation for 96 Moore Street St.Thomas,Ont

Bob Foster

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