Ald. Terry Shackelton 1951 – 2010

“He was honest, that’s the greatest epitaph a politician can have: he was an honest guy.” – Mayor Cliff Barwick

“He really cared about the citizens and the best way to represent them.” – long-time friend and labour movement colleague Bev Wright

“He really had the interest of the community at heart.” – Ald. Gord Campbell

Kyle Rea

He was a politician, a champion of accessibility and a voice for organized labour who always gave of himself and fought for the average citizen.
But on Tuesday, that voice fell silent when St. Thomas Ald. Terry Shackelton, 59, died after a lengthy illness.
He leaves behind three children — Terry Jr., Barb and Laura– as well as partner Lesley Buchanan.
“He always truly believed in giving of himself to make the world a better place for all,” Shackelton’s death notice reads.
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