Alma not our responsibility, Mayor Cliff Barwick

St. Thomas Mayor Cliff Barwick says a clean up order should be in place by spring, but it is up to the province to decide what happens, not the city.
Supporters who had wanted the property declared a heritage site before the fire destroyed the buildings, continue to mourn the loss.
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4 thoughts on “Alma not our responsibility, Mayor Cliff Barwick

  1. Im finding it very hard to believe that Mayor Barwick is still not on the ball,when it comes to 96 Moore Street.He and the city council have had ample time to order a clean up,6 months to be exact.The college was badly neglected, and not even the minimum property standards were enforced before or after the fire.He has taken the easy way out,and given the responsibility to the province.Mayor Barwick should be calling Mr.George Zubicks and demanding he protect the chapel,the music building,and the amphi-theatre,from any further damage.Waiting until the spring is an absolute joke,the damage that is being caused to the chapel,because of the holes in the roof will surely be the death nail,and if this mayor and city council cant get a grip on reality,then maybe they should be replaced ,with a council that cherishes the built heritage in St.Thomas.

    Bob Foster

  2. Bob Foster says:
    To All MPP’s,
    For over 6 months,I’ve been trying in vain to get some kind of a response,from culture minister,Aileen Carroll.I’ve been asking her ministry to designate 96 Moore Street,in St.Thomas,as provincially significant,but she has responded only once,with a standard form letter,which basically thanked me for my interest,but stated she wasn’t interested in any further involvement with the issue.Most voters are very disheartened with the political process,mainly because nearly every issue,can turn into a 3 ring circus,once the government gets involved,and I found this to be true when dealing with Aileen Carroll.We begged and pleaded with her to save the college,while it was still standing,but she stood on the sidelines,and FAILED to respond,the end result was the college being set ablaze,on May 28th,2008.After the dust settled,the Alma supporters were further enraged to learn,that Aileen Carroll had in her possesion a report from the Ontario Heritage Trust,which clearly stated 96 Moore Street,was indeed eligible for provincial designation,but again Aillen Carroll ignored expert advice,which would have surely saved Alma College.If politicians expect to get people involved in the political process,we must feel a part of the process,but it’s becoming very apparent that the government holds “town hall” style meetings to get a feel for the public’s position on an issue,but then fail to use any of their suggestions,once the final decision is tabled,which not only angers people,but pretty much guarantee’s,they will give up completely on the political process.After the last federal election,it was reported it was one of the worst voter turn outs,in history,and this is because people,are just “soured” to the idea of politics.Dealing with the McGuinty government,has made me very skeptical about the political process.When I was a young boy,my grandfather said,as he talked politics with my father at our kitchen table, “politicians get into politics,for all the right reasons,but stay for all the wrong ones”.Which I take to believe means,once politicians are in,the perks,the pension,and the expense accounts,give way to the real reason they were put there,and that was to represent the people’s interest,and not there own…

    Robert F.Foster

  3. For years I have followed the story of Alma College.

    Once upon a time I lived across the street from the retired gardener who looked after the grounds there. I used to go to school up McIntyre St. and down Moore St. to Wellington. The immolation of the College was the last thing I ever anticipated then. To my young eyes the institution was old and deserving of reverence for its age and stability, if for no other reasons.

    But I grew up, and eventually the property was sold off. I watched its ultimate demise following government inaction, willful neglect, piecemeal demolition for the recovery of valuable artifacts, and the final insult of elimination by fire.

    And all along the same thought came to me, time after time. Money talks. doesn’t it?

  4. Prior to the fire, council has voted to demolish Alma College. Who would have arranged for that clean-up?

    Barwick’s legacy and leadership can be drawn from Moore Street where we have scorched earth at one end and a caved-in parking lot at the other.

    If there one thing that Barwick never runs out of, its excuses for why things don’t get done in our city.

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