MP Joe Preston facing big challenge with harbour

Fishing tugs in Port Stanley harbour

Fishing tugs in Port Stanley harbour

Posted by Ian:
Harbour divestiture talks between the Feds and Central Elgin have long been clouded in secrecy … now we know why. Water quality. To be specific, the potential risk to the water supply of an entire region due to a blob of coal tar sludge up stream from the harbour in Kettle Creek. To be fair, existence of the chemical mess has been known for decades, it is slow moving and despite some media warnings it is a long way from the inlet for the water supply system that supplies Elgin and south London. Nevertheless, Port Stanley harbour, which very much can return to its former glory as a viable Great Lakes harbour. has been shamefully ignored by higher levels of government. This has hampered prospects of a proposed U.S. – Port Stanley ferry – an issue in itself that has split the lakeside community. It’s a challenge for M.P. Joe Preston, who has taken up the cause.
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