Aileen Carroll is waiting for a light bulb moment

Culture Minister Aileen Carroll

Culture Minister Aileen Carroll

Minister Carroll,
I’m pleased you’re promoting energy efficient lightbulbs,but could you possibly spend a little more time promoting our built heritage.We’re still waiting for a response from the ministry of culture,on designating 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,Ontario as provincially significant.I understand the need for energy efficient lightbulbs,but I dont believe you were hired,to worry about our energy problems in Ontario,and we would appreciate a little more focus on our built heritage,as we’re losing historic buildings at an alarming rate,on your watch.The difference between the lightbulbs you’re promoting,and our built heritage is,lightbulbs can be replaced,our built heritage cannot.Please respond to our request,to have the property where beautiful & historic Alma College stood for 130 years designated,so the 2 remainings buildings,and the outdoor amphi-theatre,will have government protection.

Robert F.Foster


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