Smoke Clears,Dust Settles,Snow Melts and still no word from Aileen Carroll.

Alma fire, May 28, 2008

Alma fire, May 28, 2008


Minister Carroll,
I was reading a quote you recently made regarding heritage volunteers,the quote was “The achievements of these dedicated volunteers help to strengthen communities across Ontario,” said Culture Minister Aileen Carroll. “Their hard
work ensures our rich heritage is conserved and celebrated for generations to
come.”.How could you make such a statement,when you yourself DO NOT “conserve and celebrate”,in fact your motto should be “search and destroy”.It never ceases to amaze me,that you have been quoted on many occasions praising the hard work of heritage voluteers for their tireless efforts,on behalf of our built heritage,then head back to your Queen’s Park office,to sign the demolition papers on some beautiful and historic building,that could be saved with a little help from the ministry of culture,but you would rather bring it down,then assist in bringing it back.Your words are hollow and mean nothing,when it comes to our rich heritage.96 Moore Street has sat abandoned and neglected since the May 2008 fire,the chapel is further damaged,do to the gaping hole in the roof,the music building continues to deteriorate,thanks to the brutal weather here in Ontario,and the outdoor amphi-theatre will surely be unrecognizable,once the snow melts away,so even though the smoke has cleared from the devastating fire in May of 2008,the dust has settled on the demolition that followed the fire,and the snow and ice slowly melts to reveal that nothing has changed on the property in 9 months,one has to wonder what exactly you meant when you said “Their hard
work ensures our rich heritage is conserved and celebrated for generations to come”,because at 96 Moore Street,in St.Thomas,nothing has been conserved and there is no sign of celebration,however “demolition by neglect” has been evident for many years.I do applaud all the heritage volunteers and heritage advocates,who stand up for our built heritage,now if we could only put someone at the helm of the ministry of culture,who has the same passion,we would be well on our way to “conserving and celebrating”…
Quote taken from the following news article:
Aileen Carroll

Robert F.Foster


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