The sun is shining on Aileen Carroll, but the sun is setting on Ontario’s built heritage

Alma burns, May of 2008

Alma burns, May of 2008

From Bob Foster:
With the release of the “sunshine list” (the $100,000 salary club),it’s appalling to see Minister of Culture Aileen Carroll is making $164,623.53,especially since she has FAILED miserably in her duties as culture minister,and what makes it more shocking is,this minister is also collecting a pension from the federal government,all the while badly neglecting her duties.

I’m at a loss to find any other career in which you could ignore everyone & anyone who has a concern in your ministry,but still manage to fly under the radar of the boss,in this case Premier McGuinty.Aileen Carroll has remained silent on possible provincial designation for the historic property at 96 Moore Street,in St.Thomas,once home to beautiful & historic Alma College.The college was left badly neglected for the better part of 10 years,only to be brought down by an arsonist in May of 2008,because Aileen Carroll failed to designate the college,in a timely manner.Instead she hid the Ontario Heritage Trust report,which stated the college was indeed eligible for designation,even as thousands of Alma supporters were signing a petition and sending e-mails.Aileen Carroll has ABANDONED Ontario’s built heritage,she has allowed countless buildings to simply crumble on her watch,yet she collects a tidy salary,for her lack of interest.For the many government workers who appear on the “sunshine list”,I can say without doubt,that Aileen Carroll has not earned one single penny of her pay,and if there are any doubters out there,I urge you to drive to St.Thomas,Ontario and view the massive rubble pile,that was once Alma College,on that historic property,2 buildings still remain standing,as well as an outdoor amphitheatre,all of which have been left with an uncertain future,thanks to Aileen Carroll.She has not responded in 11 month,to our concerns that what does remain,might very well be demolished,if she does not move to protect the property,so you see Aileen Carroll may be on the sunshine list,but she’s in no way,a ray of sunshine,when it comes to our built heritage.

Robert F.Foster

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