Mayor Cliff Barwick’s trip to Japan resulted in … ?

From T-J reader Chuck Siple:

I have gone through many online categories, but I don’t see anything as to the results of Mayor Cliff Barwick’s trip to Japan. It would be interesting to know what contacts were made, subjects covered and timelines as to future trade possibilities. This is similar to the way businesses evaluate the success of sending their respresentatives to trade shows and seminars. It provides metrics by which to judge the merits of the activity and their relative worth to the business (in this case the citizens of St. Thomas).

If you could, would you please let me know where I could find this online.

Chuck Siple
Debary, Fl


3 thoughts on “Mayor Cliff Barwick’s trip to Japan resulted in … ?

  1. Chuck,

    On February 23rd, 2009 I asked the City Clerk, Graves for a copy of Mayor Barwick’s business itinerary on behalf of St. Thomas while he was already in Japan. That should have been straightforward but no response came until after Barwick’s return (copy of his response as written below), so perhaps there was no formal itinerary as this is just an activity report.


    “After approximately 15 hours of airtime including a 2-1/2 hour transfer in Vancouver I arrived in Nagoya, Japan late evening of Monday, February 16th, 2009. After allowing for the 14 hour adjustment in time our business commenced on February 18th, 2009 with meetings with
    Canadian Consulate officials from Nagoya, Japan and Mayors of Woodstock and Stratford and
    Officials of the Southwestern Ontario Marketing Alliance.

    On February 19th, 2009 we met with officials of a manufacturing company which we are trying to attract to St. Thomas but due to the confidentiality of the client, details cannot be released.

    We subsequently met that day with officials of Takagi Manufacturing the parent company of Takumi Manufacturing who have established a plant in St. Thomas and are a supplier to the Toyota Plants in Woodstock and Cambridge. Meetings continued with company officials the following day on Friday, February 20th,2009.

    On Sunday, February 22nd, 2009. we traveled to Fujinomya and met with officials of Amino Manufacturing who are the parent company of Amino North America Corporation, a local
    St. Thomas manufacturing company who have made significant investment in the municipality.

    The next day we again met with Amino officials and later in the day met with the Mayor of Fujinomya City, Mr. Kumuro. That evening we traveled to Tokyo where the next day, February
    24th,2009 we met with Canadian Embassy officials from the commercial section and with the Ontario Commercial Counsellor attached to the Embassy.

    We enjoyed lunch with Ambassador Freid at the Embassy and then in the afternoon attended a seminar at the Embassy hosted by the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Organization.

    On Wednesday, February 25th,2009 we attended the Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo and the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo trades shows in Tokyo, where we met with a
    number of prospective companies that we would hope to attract to the community.

    Thursday, February 26, 2009 was spent learning more about Tokyo and their industrial areas and preparing to return to Canada which we did the following day on February 27th, 2009.”


    My guess is the trip to Fujinomya City was nothing more a sight-seeing excursion to Mount Fuji at taxpayer’s expense.

    Buried in the response, it is not possible to determine where the “two personal days” Mayor Barwick informed council he had taken while in Japan after his return, and whether Mayor Barwick paid for his own expenses on his “two personal days”.

    These “two personal days” were not discussed nor approved in an open council meeting prior to his departure.

    No response has been received to my request March 17th, 2009 for clarity on Barwick’s “two personal days”.

    Add it all up and give it a shake it was a boondoggle.

    Bill Sandison
    Advocate for a Better Municipal Government
    STR8TALK in St. Thomas

  2. Bill/Chuck:

    Don’t forget the mayors complete arrogance/lack of transparency re: submitting expenses for trip to Japan. Treasurer Bill Day told me he’s not authorizing cheques for anything until receipts are handed in.

  3. Boys and Girl’s … Give your petty heads a shake.
    If you watch the council meetings you will hear what has been acomplished etc etc. oh and at NO COST to St. Thomas. Barwick also did not “mistakenly” use the corporations credit card !
    Mr. Sanderson hasn’t been in St. Thomas long enough to know what taxpayers do to back biting candidates. Maybe we should be asking why Alderman Aarts is taking courses and seminars at taxpayers expense when he is not even running in St. Thomas.
    Wine Wine Wine.

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