Which door is open Minister Carroll?

From Bob Foster:

How ironic that Culture Minister Aileen Carroll would stand in the legislature and boast about the “doors open” program,when the one door that has never been open,is her own,in fact she has slammed it shut in the face of every heritage advocate fighting to save the 2 remaining buildings at 96 Moore Street in St.Thomas,Ontario.It’s hard to believe Ms.Carroll could say with a straight face,how proud she is of Ontario’s built heritage,and how the “doors open” program will allow people to enter buildings otherwise off limits to the public.If we allow Ms.Carroll to continue down this path of destruction,there will be no historic buildings left standing for her “doors open” program.96 Moore Street still sits abandoned & neglected some 11 months after the inferno,that brought down Alma College,and this minister still pretends she’s a fan of Ontario’s built heritage.When will Aileen Carroll stand up and defend 96 Moore Street,she claims Ontario’s built heritage is important to her,and she can convince Alma supporters that this is indeed true,by designating 96 Moore Street as “provincially significant”.For almost 130 years Alma College held it’s “doors open” for students far & wide,the college gave to the province of Ontario in spades,and though the main building has been lost forever,we can still save a small part of the great legacy of Alma College,by restoring the music building and the chapel.Will the minister end her silence and step to the plate,or will she slam the door shut yet again? We await an answer on 96 Moore Street


3 thoughts on “Which door is open Minister Carroll?

  1. Mr.Foster: On behalf of my wife and myself,I would like to pass along our thank you to you, for your tireless efforts on behalf of our dear Alma.We are long time residents of St.Thomas and now divide our time between St.Thomas and Miami,Florida.We are avid readers of Ian’s City Scope blog and we have been following your efforts through your very touching letters defending 96 Moore Street.It is sad that after almost 1 year the property has remained the same and we hope with the efforts you have been giving towards saving the chapel and music building ,that the outcome will be positive for the property and the residents of St.Thomas.We just wanted to let you know,your efforts have not gone unnoticed and we wish you all the success in the world and who knows maybe the culture minister will have a change of heart and help save 96 Moore Street.Thanks for helping our dear Alma stay in the headlines.

    Best Wishes,
    Mr. and Mrs.Lloyd Beeston

  2. Mr.Beeston,
    Thank you for your kind words.Many people had fought long and hard to save Alma College and its very sad that the 2 remaining buildings are still being badly neglected.I will continue sending letters to culture minister Aileen Carroll until she finally see’s the property,the music building and the chapel are worthy of provincial designation.I’ve been to St.Thomas on several occasions and have come to enjoy the small town atmosphere,which in this day and age is hard to find,so it has become a passion of mine to see this through til the end,and I’m hoping the end will be a happy one for all involved.I will do my best to keep Alma in the headlines.

    All the best,
    Bob Foster

  3. Mr.Foster,
    I can see from your letter writing campaign,you have a real passion for Ontario’s built heritage.I understand completely your frustration with the Ontario government.On many projects across our province,heritage advocates such as myself have had very little success with changing the mind of Aileen Carroll.She has left the final decision until the eleventh hour,which in plain english means until its to late.Many historic buildings have fallen because this minister fails to act or reacts to late,eithier way historic buildings are falling at a steady rate, and the McGuinty government seems reluctant to use the heritage act to defend our built heritage.I admire your refusal to allow this ministers inaction to keep you from fighting for provincial designation for the property at 96 Moore Street and I agree May 28th,2009 would be an ideal day to give provincial designation to this historic land.I wish you every success in obtaining your goal,and Im sure the many Alma supporters ( me included) hope to one day see 96 Moore Street as a productive part of St.Thomas,Ontario once again.

    Michael Quartz
    Heritage Advocate

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