The “silence is deafening’’ between the two sides in the Navistar labour dispute.

Chatham-Kent’s mayor is hopeful officials with CAW Local 127 and Navistar will soon return to the negotiating table.

Randy Hope said yesterday the “silence is deafening’’ between the two sides in the labour dispute.

Hope said he would be willing to convene a meeting between the two sides aimed at bringing about a resolution.

“But I’m not about to get involved in the bargaining process,’’ he said. “That is none of my business.’’

Hope said the Richmond Street truck assembly plant is the last of its kind in Canada.

“We should be doing all we can to ensure that we don’t lose this very important segment of our local business economy,’’ he said. “It’s too important to lose.’’

But Hope said the municipality would like to know what is in store for the future of the plant.
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Ethanol cooperative chair challenges report

Ethanol production has increased the availability of corn in Ontario says Tom Cox chair of the Integrated Grain Processors Cooperative, which operates an ethanol plant in Aylmer, Ontario. This, in response to a report from the George Morris Centre entitled Opening the Throttle and Applying the Brakes , which concludes it is the growth in the ethanol sector that is largely responsible for the struggles in the hog industry here in Ontario.
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