Saint John, NB realtor, property owner aiming to collect 6,300 signatures in bid to force election

Posted by Ian:
Frustrated by the lack of responsibility to voters exhibited by any of our elected municipal representatives? Tired of broken campaign promises and poor fiscal judgment? Are personal agendas and ego the order of the day instead of good governance? You don’t have to wait until the next municipal election to dump the deadheads as exasperated voters in Saint John, New Brunswick flex their electoral muscles in a non-election year. And their frustration rings a familiar bell in St. Thomas.

SAINT JOHN – A real estate salesman and property owner has launched a petition to remove Mayor Ivan Court from office.

Real estate businessman Gerry Webster holds a petition he is circulating in a bid to remove Mayor Ivan Court from office. He wants to present the petition to the common clerk by July 17.

“He’s the mayor, that’s where the buck stops,” Gerry Webster said. “He’s had a year and he’s not listened to the public.”

Webster, who has already expressed his frustration with the mayor and common council, wants to present the petition to the common clerk by July 15.

The petition says, in part, “We the undersigned petition the common clerk of the City of Saint John to recall the below listed mayor” and that “an election be held as soon as possible.”

The reason for the petition to recall the mayor, the document states, is “the failure to address the serious financial situation of the city and the proposed further expenditures on capital projects.”

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Falling through the cracks — the innocent victims of futility

Elizabeth Dye is a strong-willed woman — whose sense of pride and work ethic prompted her to write this corner to urge the time has come to stop judging and start helping others.
She speaks not of herself, in spite of the fact she has had to “downgrade everything,” but instead for those she notes, “who don’t fit into the neat little categories society sets out as the norm.”
Those neither sick enough to be hospitalized nor healthy enough to function effectively in our society.
“They are cast aside and fall through the cracks,” she advises. “In short their family, friends and advocates just fade away when they realize the futility of the fight.”
The RPN, off work for two years dealing with her own emotional issues, wishes to draw attention to the pitiful sum handed out monthly via the Ontario Disability Support Program.
Especially in light of the fact, whether physically or psychologically unable to work, no one sets out to be in this position.
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