Two years later and council is still shuffling pieces of the puzzle

In what has to be the longest-running saga at city hall, the folks in the parks and recreation department are enduring another restructuring — a process that would be comical, except it has claimed two veteran staffers over the course of the bureaucratic bumbling.
The shuffle can be traced back to March, 2007 when Ald. Tom Johnston was the lone voice of opposition to council’s decision to merge the existing parks department (then under the auspice of the environmental services group) with the recreation department.
To manage the new entity, the city plucked Kent McVittie away from his position as manager of recreation and attractions with the City of London.
That resulted in the first casualty — Frank Lattanzio, manager of facilities and property.
“I can tell you that the corporation decided to restructure and that my position is no longer there,” he remarked at the time.
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