Saint John, NB realtor, property owner aiming to collect 6,300 signatures in bid to force election

Posted by Ian:
Frustrated by the lack of responsibility to voters exhibited by any of our elected municipal representatives? Tired of broken campaign promises and poor fiscal judgment? Are personal agendas and ego the order of the day instead of good governance? You don’t have to wait until the next municipal election to dump the deadheads as exasperated voters in Saint John, New Brunswick flex their electoral muscles in a non-election year. And their frustration rings a familiar bell in St. Thomas.

SAINT JOHN – A real estate salesman and property owner has launched a petition to remove Mayor Ivan Court from office.

Real estate businessman Gerry Webster holds a petition he is circulating in a bid to remove Mayor Ivan Court from office. He wants to present the petition to the common clerk by July 17.

“He’s the mayor, that’s where the buck stops,” Gerry Webster said. “He’s had a year and he’s not listened to the public.”

Webster, who has already expressed his frustration with the mayor and common council, wants to present the petition to the common clerk by July 15.

The petition says, in part, “We the undersigned petition the common clerk of the City of Saint John to recall the below listed mayor” and that “an election be held as soon as possible.”

The reason for the petition to recall the mayor, the document states, is “the failure to address the serious financial situation of the city and the proposed further expenditures on capital projects.”

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2 thoughts on “Saint John, NB realtor, property owner aiming to collect 6,300 signatures in bid to force election

  1. The theme of being able to ‘recall’ your mayor seems to gathering steam. Interesting that Saint John residents are reviving old legal statutes dating back to the early 1900’s to attempt to get rid of their mayor. We’ll have to watch the outcome of that for sure.

    “We the undersigned petition the Common Clerk of The City of Saint John to recall the below listed mayor as outlined 2 George V,1912 and as amended 1 Edward viii , 1936 that an election be held as soon as possible.”

    Closer to home in the small community of Nairn (pop. 493), the residents are also up in arms. A few weeks ago, they called for their mayor to resign.

    “Faced with a crowd of 50 people and a petition that allegedly has almost 300 names calling for his resignation, Nairn-Hyman Township Mayor Brian Channon refused to give them what they wanted.
    At the beginning of the Monday, July 13 regular meeting of township council, Ray Harding, a local business owner and former reeve, made a presentation on behalf of the group calling on Channon to step down. He said the townspeople had collected enough names to force Channon to honour an election pledge and resign if 51 per cent of the electorate wished him to do so.”

    “On that evening, things escalated as Channon clashed with audience members, and even members of council, as they debated whether to shut down water service to the Busy Bees Coffee Shop, a local landmark that went into receivership in late 2008.
    Channon was removed from the chair after it was revealed a company he has a stake in made a bid on the property in question, and that he had visited the Busy Bees property personally to pursue a water bill in arrears with the township.
    The meeting culminated in Channon refusing to allow a motion declaring the town would not shut down the water to be signed by the town’s CAO.”

    “Channon called at least two recesses to go into closed doors and argue over protocol, then abruptly adjourned the meeting, and told the audience to get out, turning out the lights on them. Once the crowd was outside, Channon called in the OPP.”

    Sounds a bit like s skit from Monty Python.

    Bill Sandison
    Advocate for a Better Municipal Government
    STR8TALK in St. Thomas

  2. “Politicians tough pests to eradicate ”

    A great tongue-in-cheek article from Colin McKim of the Orillia Packet & Times last month;

    “I hear there’s a movement afoot to impeach Orillia city council. Not a bad idea.

    But getting rid of local politicians is no piece of cake, as any pest control expert will tell you. Trapping the varmints is not the problem. Put a jar of vinyl chloride in a cage and they’ll crawl in as if in a trance. But once you’ve cage, what next?

    No matter how much damage they may have done to public property and public confidence, extermination is not permitted under the Municipal Act.

    You can tranquilize them to stop them banging around, snarling and grinding their teeth on the bars. But euthanasia, even with full community support, is out.

    And politicians can’t be set adrift like Captain Bly or exiled to Elba like Napoleon. By law they have to be relocated somewhere in Ontario. So where do you release these destructive creatures so they won’t leave someone else’s community in a shambles?

    Can you imagine a truck, loaded up with the drugged bodies of Wayne Gardy, Ralph Cipolla, Ron Stevens, Tim Lauer and the rest of our elected representatives, pulling up in front of city hall in Windsor or Kingston?

    Would anyone give them the keys to the city knowing their municipal record? I don’t think so. A police escort to the city limits is more likely.

    Efforts to release nuisance politicians into the wild have had mixed success. Politicians dumped 500 kilometres from their council chambers have found their way back within months, sometimes weeks. Often they return emboldened by even more ridiculous resolutions and cock-eyed notions than the ones they used to undermine the town in the first place.

    Even if council chambers are cleared of coffee urns, bottled water, deli sandwiches and doughnuts, politicians still return like bears to campgrounds.

    Sometimes if politicians are taken blindfolded to the middle of nowhere and spun around a dozen times or more, they can be left too disoriented to find their way back to their home communities. But the citizens who turned them loose can be liable for any damage they do in the wild.

    Many of the forest fires that ravage northern Ontario in dry summers are started by city politicians dumped in the wilderness with only matches and an axe. There is also the risk that politicians could interbreed with sasquatches, creating a race of hairy creatures in beige cardigans who steal campers’ wallets to buy pillars to support the clouds.

    A pack of politicians running wild near Arnprior has been raiding farms and terrorizing cattle at night with tedious and illogical arguments that drone on for hours.

    At a Politician Crossing in Algonquin Park, traffic has been backed up for hours as a politicians fight over who should have got the credit for banning brown chicken eggs from odd-numbered wards.

    The other concern, as anyone who has trapped squirrels knows, is that nature abhors a vacuum.

    Who’s to say that even worse politicians, expelled from even more badly run municipalities, might not rush into Orillia to fill the void.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t get rid of Orillia city council. I’m just saying maybe we should think about the consequences.

    Maybe get a staff report first.”

    Bill Sandison
    Advocate for a Better Municipal Government
    STR8TALK in St. Thomas

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