Don’t back down on wind turbines

For renewable energy to have a future in Ontario, public support and confidence in wind farms is essential. The province should lead the way by ensuring that Ontarians have access to the most up-to-date research on the impact of wind turbines on public health.

In April, the government said it would fund a university-based research initiative “to examine potential public health effects of renewable energy projects.” But the initiative has not yet been launched. The province ought to make it a priority, with a special focus on wind turbines. That would ensure that Ontario’s regulations governing wind turbines are based on the best possible evidence.

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One thought on “Don’t back down on wind turbines

  1. The study referred to in the article was prepared by the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit for the Chatham-Kent Municipal Council who had already published in the Chatham-Kent Official Plan their position on wind farms within the Municipality.
    “It shall be the objective of Chatham-Kent to: encourage the development of wind
    energy systems for electricity production, as a source of renewable energy for the
    economic and environmental benefit of Chatham-Kent and the Province of Ontario”.

    The results for this study are highly questionable given a) the relationship between the two parties and b) the lack of identifiable subject matter experts who participated in the study.

    It looks like they read a few articles on the subject and published their findings to suit their purpose. It is hardly “thorough study of available research” as claimed by the Toronto Star.

    Check it for yourself;

    Click to access Health%20and%20Wind%20by%20C-K%20Health%20Unit.pdf

    While I am not aware of any concrete medical research that proves they are harmful, I am also not aware of any that prove conclusively that they are not harmful to our health.

    The fact that the government is supporting wind turbines should make us all want to examine the issue further. After all government declared DDT, thalidomide and dozens of other drugs, additives, and pesticides safe and banned them only after they had done grievous harm.

    There is some new, perhaps credible information on the horizon which will be published by Dr. Dr Pierpont, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics in October. It concludes that there is serious health risks associated with wind power.

    Here is an extract for an article just published in The Independent;
    “There is no doubt that my clinical research shows that the infrasonic to ultrasonic noise and vibrations emitted by wind turbines cause the symptoms which I am calling wind turbine syndrome. There are about 12 different health problems associated with WTS and these range from tachycardia, sleep disturbance, headaches, tinnitus, nausea, visual blurring, panic attacks with sensations of internal quivering to more general irritability.

    The wind industry will try to discredit me and disparage me, but I can cope with that. This is not unlike the tobacco industry dismissing health issues from smoking. The wind industry, however, is not composed of clinicians, nor is it made up of people suffering from wind turbines.” The IoS has a copy of the confidential manuscript which is exhaustive in its research protocol and detailed case series, drawing on the work of leading otolaryngologists and neurotologists – ear, nose and throat clinical specialists.
    Dr Pierpont added that the wind turbine companies constantly argue that the health problems are “imaginary, psychosomatic or malingering”. But she said their claims are “rubbish” and that medical evidence supports that the reported symptoms are real.”

    The full article is at;

    Bill Sandison
    Advocate for a Better Municipal Government
    STR8TALK in St. Thomas

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