Ontario farmer to tilt at wind turbines in court

TORONTO — A farmer on a small island in Prince Edward County, Ont., who said he fears the constant swooshing of wind turbines will harm his family’s health launched a legal challenge Monday against Ontario’s wind power plans.

Ian Hanna said his application for judicial review, being called the first of its kind, is his latest appeal to the government after petitions failed to stop plans for five turbines about 900 metres away from his property on Big Island in the Bay of Quinte.

The community of about 100 homes will be overwhelmed by the turbines, he charged.

“My parents taught us when we were growing up that we should stand up for what we thought is good and right and whether that’s for my family or for my neighbours, I intend to do that,” he said.
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2 thoughts on “Ontario farmer to tilt at wind turbines in court

    • Try living next to one Ernest. And by the way they are not economical, they cost about 8 x more for the electricity they produce, and they eliminate all wild life within 1/2 kilometre, which in turns disrupts the local ecosystem. They are not benign. They are a health hazard to man and beast alike.


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