George Smitherman cares about St. Thomas heritage, why doesn’t Aileen Carroll?

On November 28th,2009 it will have been 18 long months since we lost beautiful and historic Alma College in St.Thomas,Ontario.In this time many letters and e-mails have been sent to you requesting 96 Moore Street be given Provincial Heritage Designation.The property alone is deserving of the honor,however since 2 of the original buildings are still standing,along with the outdoor amphi-theatre,its only fitting that after close to 130 years of service Alma College gave to our province,the only right thing to do,would be to honor what remains,so future generatons will be able to enjoy part of the legacy,once the chapel,music building and outdoor amphi-theatre are fully restored.Alma College was lost in a horrific fire,that was deliberately set,and if not for the political bumbling of politicians,the college may very well be on its way to full restoration,instead we are trying to save what remains,with little to no interest,on the part of the culture ministry.We can’t go back in time,but we can capture a part of yesterday,by restoring the 2 remaining buildings and outdoor amphi-theatre,We are asking the provincial government to step to the plate and designate the property and assist in the restoration of 96 Moore Street.It’s not only the right thing to do,but in the interest of history,its the just thing to do…

Bob Foster