Changes proposed for pair of Oxford County wind farms

The developer behind two potential wind farms in Oxford has revised its proposal for both, increasing the wattage and changing how the turbines might be laid out across the landscape.

The information from ProWind Canada Inc. was sent out in two separate e-mails Friday to a list of local contacts. The e-mails outlined changes to the designs of both projects, noting a slight increase from 18 megawatts to 19 for Innerkip and a more-than-double increase from 10 megawatts to 25 for Gunn’s Hill Road in Norwich Township. ProWind stated the Innerkip project would still have a maximum of eight turbines, with Gunn’s Hill at a maximum of 10.

“We’re starting that process from scratch and the scope of the project has changed slightly,” ProWind’s Bart Geleynse said in a Monday phone interview. “The original plan was 10 megawatts on a much smaller area of land. We’ve expanded in terms of capacity and in terms of spread.

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