Will St. Thomas – London GO train service ever get on track?

A commuter train service between London and St. Thomas means a greener region: financially and environmentally.

That was the word from Rod Morley, vice chair of London’s Advisory Committee on the Environment, during a public meeting last week (Nov. 25).

Morley, along with John Lucas, Division Manager – Transportation Engineering for the City of London, and members of the St. Thomas and London Commuter Rail Association (STALCRA), discussed the initiative with the public during a meeting at City Hall.

Besides reducing car emissions and urban congestion, implementing the train service could stimulate economic growth in Southwestern Ontario, Morley said. It could create numerous jobs and attract more businesses to the region.
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Elgin Mall – connecting with the community

For shoppers in secondary cities such as St. Thomas, Ont., located 30 kilometres south of London, the Elgin Mall is more than a mid-market retail hub – it’s a destination for a tightly knit community that has seen its manufacturing base battered by the recession.

When property manager Julie Cole looks down the mall’s climate-controlled corridors, she sees no evidence of the deadmalls.com phenomenon, which chronicles the slow death of once-thriving retail hubs across North America.

At the Elgin, management has been looking for more creative ways to serve this city of 37,000 – an experience that goes beyond shopping, Ms. Cole says.
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