Of leaky hulls, righted ships and the strength of hometown papers

If you’re reading this week’s edition of City Scope, then you’re doing so online as the T-J family is enjoying a well-deserved Christmas break and the next printed copy of the paper is Dec. 29.
In the past that would have meant a one-week hiatus, but as our journalistic future increasingly shifts to electronic media, references to “this corner” may soon refer to cyberspace and not the column on an ink-stained page.
Especially given the vagaries of newspaper publishers on this continent.
All of which allows me to take liberties over the Christmas holiday to mirror the sentiments of Carl M. Cannon, Senior Washington Correspondent for Daily Politics, an online political news magazine comprised of a small team of old pros committed to traditional journalistic values.
Cannon’s wish this Christmas is that in 2010, “newspaper publishers will patch up their leaky hulls and right their ships. A great deal depends on it.”
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