The good ship St. Thomas doesn’t need two captains

Posted by Ian: Be it an ego the size of a Sterling truck or an all-pervasive paranoia, Mayor Cliff Barwick says this town ain’t big enough for his worship and a CAO. However watch for him to try and back-peddle by attempting to promote Wendell Graves to the position of city manager. Don’t be fooled … it’s not the same position, nor does it pack the same authority and stature. The mayor’s full year-end interview with Times-Journal reporter Eric Bunnell follows …

Cliff Barwick is a mayor with a secret.

With little more than 10 months remaining in his four-year term, Barwick says he decided two weeks ago whether to seek re-election on Oct. 25.

But the 65-year-old head of city council isn’t yet saying what that decision is.
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The past year in words and what you won’t hear in 2010

As an avid collector of notable quotations, I love this time of year. Cast a line back over the past 365 days and troll for the best of the best. Those utterances that generate thoughtful approval at the time, but over time, quite often leave you scratching your scalp in puzzlement.
To set the scene, let’s turn to the master of the put-down, Will Rogers, who noted many years ago, “Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”
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