Ontario Culture Minister Aileen Carroll Dumped After Ministry’s Mistreatment of Artefacts

Culture Minister Aileen Carroll

Posted by Ian: Perhaps one of the most reviled cabinet ministers in this area, Aileen Carroll was known for what she didn’t do … protect and promote this province’s cultural heritage. In St. Thomas we have to look no further that the remains of Alma College. The rubble is a testament to her indifference. Here’s the official word on her demotion …

Ontario’s Minister of Culture, Aileen Carroll, was tossed out of cabinet today as part of a larger shuffle. She will now become a backbench member of the legislature.
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One thought on “Ontario Culture Minister Aileen Carroll Dumped After Ministry’s Mistreatment of Artefacts

  1. Ian,
    It’s great to hear culture minister Aileen Carroll was finally DUMPED from Premier McGuinty’s cabinet.For well over a year I’ve been sending e-mails,voice mails and letters regarding possible heritage designation for 96 Moore Street.The chapel,music building and outdoor amphi-theatre could easily be restored and any new development on the property could be built around the existing structures.We would then have a small part of the Alma legacy fully restored and be able to pass that on to future generations.I’m hoping the NEW culture minister will take a fresh look at 96 Moore Street and decide not only is it deserving of such an honor,it should have be done long ago.We need to finally recognize 96 Moore Street gave to this province for over 130 years,and its high time the province gave something in return!

    Bob Foster


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