Official announcement on new home for HMCS Ojibwa

Board President Deborah Jarvis takes great pleasure in announcing
the successful candidate to be host community for Project Ojibwa,
the Museum’s effort to obtain move and mount the decommissioned
submarine HMCS Ojibwa. The host community for the Project will be
the Municipality of Bayham. The vessel and supporting museum
building will be located on municipal land situated in Port
Burwell, Ontario.

On behalf of the Members and Executive of the Museum, President
Jarvis extends congratulations to Mayor Lynn Acre, the members of
the Bayham Municipal Council, Municipal Staff and the citizens of
Bayham for their hard work, enthusiasm and support for Project
Ojibwa which allowed the municipality to submit their successful

The Elgin Military Museum looks forward to a long and happy
relationship with the Municipality of Bayham and its citizens.

One thought on “Official announcement on new home for HMCS Ojibwa

  1. Having served on H M C S Ojibwa I believe I have the right to say that Ojibwa, like all war ships is more than just a hunk of obsolete or recyclable steel. I also sailed on H M C S Saskatchewan who’s resting place is where she belongs off the coast of Vancouver Island at Snake River and H M C S Yukon which is memorialized off the coast of Southern California at wreck alley. I know in my heart that all who served on Ojibwa would agree that she deserves a respectful and honourable place to rest that symbolizes the naval tradition of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Submariners who sailed on her.

    Having said that I must take issue with the politically motivated choice of her final destination. Onondaga, Okanogan and Ojibwa were synonymous with Canada’s contribution to the protection of the Atlantic coast of North America during the cold war. Taking my old boat up the great lakes into fresh water to make a her a spectacle or tourist attraction in Ontario breaks my heart. I think she belongs in Halifax.


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