2010 St. Thomas municipal election candidates respond to reader’s questions

City Scope encourages St. Thomas residents to submit questions for which they would like responses from mayoral/aldermanic candidates. First out of the gate was T-J reader Ann Bigelow with the following questions.

1) Are you in favour of a tax cut/freeze?

2) If there is a tax cut/freeze, what are the top three services to St. Thomas residents you feel should be reduced?

3) Does St. Thomas need a CAO? Why or why not?

4) Are you in favour of a ward system?

5) Can you recognize your own credit card in your wallet?

6) What makes you qualified to make decisions about the spending of taxpayer dollars and the level of service we receive?

7) What will you do to ensure taxpayers are consulted and their opinions are valued in making decisions?

8) Please describe a time when you demonstrated honesty, accountability, leadership, transparent decision-making, skills at dealing with difficult people, great communication, your commitment to something, long term decision making, etc., and what you did and what you learned from the situation.
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