Central Community Health Centre Taking Care of its Patients

The following media release was issued Thursday, Dec. 23 following a meeting the day previous with Central Community Health Centre CEO Judith Wiley , board chairman Cathy Grondin and the South West Local Health Integration Network.

ST. THOMAS, ON – The Central Community Health Centre (CHC) continues to take care of its patients following the recent resignation of a part-time physician and two nurse practitioners. A physician who
has been secured on an interim basis and nurse are continuing to see patients at the CHC, and the CHC is actively recruiting for physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners.

Opened in October 2010, the Central CHC is in a start-up phase and is not expected to deliver a full slate of programs and services until recruitment of its full physician and staff complement is completed in the coming year. In the interim, the Central CHC will continue to provide care to people of the area.
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