Central Community Health Centre Taking Care of its Patients

The following media release was issued Thursday, Dec. 23 following a meeting the day previous with Central Community Health Centre CEO Judith Wiley , board chairman Cathy Grondin and the South West Local Health Integration Network.

ST. THOMAS, ON – The Central Community Health Centre (CHC) continues to take care of its patients following the recent resignation of a part-time physician and two nurse practitioners. A physician who
has been secured on an interim basis and nurse are continuing to see patients at the CHC, and the CHC is actively recruiting for physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners.

Opened in October 2010, the Central CHC is in a start-up phase and is not expected to deliver a full slate of programs and services until recruitment of its full physician and staff complement is completed in the coming year. In the interim, the Central CHC will continue to provide care to people of the area.

The Board Chair and Executive Director of the CHC met with the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) on December 22, 2010 to discuss the recent staffing challenges. The top priority for the CHC is ensuring timely access to health care for people in the St. Thomas / Elgin area. It has also undertaken an aggressive campaign to hire additional practitioners.

Leaders at the CHC are optimistic their efforts will bring additional doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses soon.

The team at the health centre has actively reviewed the files of the more than 200 existing patients who have had visits to the centre to ensure appropriate follow-up care is provided in a timely manner.

Clients of the CHC can expect continued care as the physician, health promoter, community outreach worker, social workers, chiropodist and registered nurse work together to ensure patients access the care they require.


“As can be expected, there are some start up challenges, and the community certainly has a real need for our services”, explains Cathy Grondin, Chair of the Board of Directors. “A Community Health Centre is a unique model of care that is multidisciplinary in nature. As we settle in and get to a full complement of staff, I’m confident that these early challenges will be resolved.”

“The South West LHIN is working to ensure that the Board of the Central Community Health Centre has taken the appropriate steps to provide its patients with the access to the care they require. The South West LHIN Board is confident that with the CHC’s plans presented to the LHIN, the CHC will soon be able to provide full-level services for the residents of St. Thomas, Central Elgin and Southwold Township,” says Linda Stevenson, Incoming Acting Board Chair, South West LHIN.

The Central CHC is located at 359 Talbot Street in St. Thomas and is one of 125 CHCs in Ontario.

The Central CHC serves residents of Central Elgin, Southwold Township and St. Thomas.

The CHC model of care focuses on primary health care, illness prevention, health promotion and working closely with other health and wellness providers in the community.

Front-line care staffing at CHC may include doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, chiropodists, dietitian, health promoters and community outreach workers – all working together as a team to provide client care.

The Central CHC is one of four CHCs funded by the South West LHIN.

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