Kains St. ‘disaster’ doomed?

46 Kainsjpg

Chalk up another small victory for a Kains St. resident who has spent the past four years “living next door to a disaster.”
Pauline Wimbush, whose 1890’s-era house abuts an abandoned and derelict cottage-style house at 46 Kains St., has battled Mayor Heather Jackson and city hall in an attempt to have the vermin-ridden structure demolished.
Due to increasing difficulty navigating stairs in her large home, Wimbush is anxious to sell her home and move to a single-storey residence. To date, no real estate agent has shown any interest with what she calls “a tragedy in waiting” lurking to the west of her residence.
In July, after a visit by fire prevention officers Bill Todd and Brian Leverton, the broken windows, missing brickwork and collapsing rear roof were boarded up. Continue reading