Better prepared to ensure change is coming — MPP Jeff Yurek, following candidate nomination meeting

The next provincial vote may be almost 18 months distant, but in Elgin-Middlesex-London the riding association and MPP Jeff Yurek are rarin’ to go.

At a candidate nomination meeting held Saturday at the St. Thomas Seniors Centre, about 100 party faithful threw their support behind the two-term MPP. The mood was upbeat and Yurek said there is no fear of an early jump out of the gate.

“Patrick (party leader Patrick Brown) wants to get candidates in place to be prepared for the election,” Yurek told the Times-Journal following the gathering, “but at the same time, we’re developing policy which he plans on unveiling near the end of the year so that people know where we stand, who the candidates are and they’re ready to go for the election in June of 2018.”yurek-legislaturejpg
Yurek stressed the need for unity within the party in order to enjoy success in 2018.
“Progressive Conservatives working together will ensure that we can defeat Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals in the next election,” he said. “If we’re divided in any way, it opens up the opportunity for a Liberal majority government.”
While Yurek rides a wave of popularity both in the riding and at Queen’s Park, can the same be said about Brown?
“I’m finding people are getting to know Patrick,” said Yurek. “He’s a hard worker and he’s someone you can talk to and have an honest, true discussion where he listens. He’s been shown to be the change Ontario needs.”Brown, meantime, had nothing but praise for Yurek and his track record since winning the riding in 2011.

“He has stood up against the Liberal government for forcing a wind turbine project on the unwilling host municipality of Dutton/Dunwich, and the government’s lack of transparency surrounding another unaffordable fee for anglers and hunters,” noted Brown in a statement released Saturday.
“Jeff has also been a vocal critic against cuts to local health care services.”
And health care ranks among the Top 3 issues on the provincial battlefield, according to Yurek.
“It’s health care, it’s hydro rates and it’s the affordability of being able to make a living in this province,” Yurek stressed. “The poor job outlook in our province is really hitting people hard and they’re making decisions on what they can and can’t afford.Government is not helping out with its taxes, its energy rates and increased fees.”

Not far behind, says Yurek, is the just introduced cap-and-trade policy of the Wynne government designed to help tackle climate change.
“The cap-and-trade is going to cost taxpayers and businesses up to $8 billion, $2 billion of that will be shipped to California which has no benefit to our economy and makes us that much more uncompetitive while financing another jurisdiction. It’s hurting Ontarians,
it’s not helping the environment and it’s bad policy if we want to compete with the U.S.
“The auditor general (Bonnie Lysyk) came out with a report a month ago and she showed they’re not going to attain the emissions targets with cap-and-trade. In fact, there’s no evidence at all it’s going to lower emissions and help the environment. It’s just a cash grab
by this Liberal government.”
Another sore point for Yurek is the ongoing series of OPP investigations into various Liberal scandals, and the lack of resolutions “are frustrating,” he says.
“We’ve had no resolution on ORNGE (the province’s air ambulance service), eHealth, the gas plants and deleted emails. On eHealth, they’ve spent $8 billion on a system that doesn’t work and there is no end sight or budget to finalize the project, so you can’t be
spending $8 billion on one item in the healthcare budget with no clear benefit or resolution in the short term.”
With these outstanding issues, Yurek says he’s feeling “very positive” about the coming months.
“We’ve got the website for the policy and anybody in Ontario — they don’t have to be a member of the party — can contribute to the policy development.
“I’m looking forward to getting together and starting work today for the 2018 election. I’m pretty excited about the turnout and the people who are looking forward to defeating the Liberal government and forming a majority PC government. We’re going to be better
prepared as a party and locally . . . and hopefully we can connect with people and ensure that change is coming.”




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