Seniors, beware of Aileen Carroll

Aileen Carroll

Aileen Carroll

Minister Carroll,
I had to look twice when I read an article (attached),which states that Speaker of the House Steve Peters,will be meeting with Service Employees International Union today, Feb 27th,to discuss the worsening conditions in the home care industry.
I was reading a few weeks back, another article which stated you had not responded to a request by this very same union to discuss this important issue.Now its no secret I’ve been asking for provincial designation for 96 Moore Street,in St.Thomas for well over 9 months,with no response from your ministry,and I’m now discovering not only are you ignoring your job as culture minister,your portfolio as minister responsible for seniors,is also being badly neglected.If you are failing at protecting our built heritage,and the SEIU is threatening to go on a province wide strike,because of the horrible conditions in the homecare industry,one has to ask,exactly what are you doing at your Queen’s Park office,because both of your portfolio’s are in a horrible mess,and your way of handling these situations,is to completely ignore anyone and everyone who needs your assistance.MPP Steve Peters is meeting with union members,do you not think you should also be in attendance,to address the concerns of these workers?.It appears that you’re not interested in eithier of your portfolio’s and should resign,because with the worsening conditions in the home care industry,and our built heritage being badly neglected,your inaction is having a devastating effect on both fronts.

Robert F.Foster


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