An open letter to culture minister Michael Chan

Alma fire, May 28, 2008

Dear Minister Chan,
This letter is regarding the former home of Alma College in St.Thomas,Ontario.For many,many months the Alma College supporters had begged,pleaded and e-mailed former culture minister Aileen Carroll,about the possibility of having the property designated with Provincial Heritage Designation.Our fight with Aileen Carroll was also featured in the Toronto Star,back in August of 2008,Jim Coyle was kind enough to help us shine the spotlight on the complete disaster Aileen Carroll had become,when it came to protecting our built heritage.Our plight was also followed by a reporter in St.Thomas,named Ian McCallum,he was also kind enough to print many of the letters I sent to Aileen Carroll,regarding possible provincial heritage designation for 96 Moore Street.The property itself is worthy of designation,but after the devastating fire in May 2008,2 buildings on the property escaped damage,the music building and quaint little chapel could easily be restored should the province step forward with designation and funding.Ive included 2 links at the bottom of this page,the first is to Ian McCallums City Scope blog,where you will find countless letters addressed to former Minister of Culture Aileen Carroll,the second link is for Jim Coyle’s provincial affairs column,where he brilliantly wrote about our fight to save what remains on the property at 96 Moore Street.I ask that you please read all the letters,and Toronto Star column,to better understand the long battle we’ve endured,trying to protect what remains on this historic property.The Alma supporters are once again asking the ministry of culture to give provincial heritage designation to this historic property and 2 remaining buildings,so the legacy will continue at 96 Moore Street,for many generations to come.Thank you for your time.

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Bob Foster
108 Corkett Drive