A cautionary tale of Madame McGuinty’s Teflon Academy


While some individuals who, in the past, have been the centre of attention in this corner are likely less than over-joyed, City Scope returns after a three-week hiatus. The words of encouragement directed this way during that time are greatly appreciated and, rest assured, the good fight will continue.
Let’s begin with a cautionary tale from the iPad of Bob McCaig, in an effort to illustrate Ontario’s economic plight.
Madame McGuinty’s Teflon Academy, was an instrument of power, seeing to the needs – some carnal – of a discerning clientele, trading power for money and money for power,” McCaig begins.
“The men and women who visited her house of leisure, both day and night, nodding acquaintances in public, were often the best of friends, or at least of convenience, behind closed doors.
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