Suzanne van Bommel will not seek Liberal nod in Elgin-Middlesex-London

BELMONT – The next federal election ballot will not feature the name Suzanne van Bommel on it.
The past federal Liberal candidate, van Bommel has made it known that she will not be seeking the nomination for the riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London for an election that could be held as soon as this fall. The long-time Liberal insider in both provincial and federal politics has accepted an extended contract with her current employer, GreenField Ethanol, that will keep her from committing as much time and energy as required to seek public office.

“I have been presented an exciting opportunity by GreenField Ethanol, one that was very difficult to turn down,” van Bommel said. “GreenField Ethanol is the Canadian pioneer and leader in biofuel development. GreenField is Canada’s largest ethanol company producing more than 450 million litres of fuel ethanol annually as well as industrial and beverage alcohol for more than 6,000 customers in North America. I am very excited about the work I am doing and the new direction and mandate I have been given with the company.”

Carrying the Liberal banner in the last federal election was a rewarding experience, one van Bommel said she will always be proud of.

“I am honoured by the many people that supported me and offered freely of themselves to assist me in the last election,” van Bommel said. “I would like to sincerely thank everyone who played a role in my campaign and I wish the next Liberal candidate, whoever that may be, all the best moving forward to the next election.”

While her professional life has steered her away from seeking the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada for the next election, van Bommel is not ruling out another attempt at seeking public office in the future.

“I believe there are few higher callings than public service,” van Bommel said. “I still feel it would be a great privilege to represent the people of this riding in government some day. We’ll see how this adventure called life turns out in the coming years.”

In addition to her role with GreenField Ethanol, van Bommel is also the co-owner of M.E. & Suzie’s, the Port Stanley award-winning restaurant that exclusively features local and Ontario-grown produce along with Ontario craft/micro brewery products and VQA wines. This focus on local and Ontario grown food and beverage products has earned M.E. & Suzie’s repeated recognition from the Wine Council of Ontario.

2 thoughts on “Suzanne van Bommel will not seek Liberal nod in Elgin-Middlesex-London

  1. I hope in the future Suzanne decides to return to politics,because she is one of the most talented people,when it comes to dealing with difficult issues.I was so moved by Suzanne during the last federal election campaign I drove the 2 hours from my hometown of Brampton to her campaign office in St.Thomas,just to give moral support.Anyone who has been in her presence soon realizes she is unlike any politician you will ever meet,she is as down to earth as they come and relates to everyone,no matter your situation and regular 9 to 5 people need a strong voice in Ottawa that cares and will speak on their behalf.Should Suzanne decide to venture back into the political arena,we will no doubt see her rise to the top quickly,because she is unique in every way.I think I can speak for all those people who have met Suzanne and consider her a friend,when I say we wish her nothing but success at GreenField Ethanol and hope that one day she will return to politics,so we can send her to Ottawa,to show them how it should be done!

    Bob Foster


  2. Hi this is Ron and am a hearing impaired. I was born in Gemert in Holland 1952. I am very curious about the “Bommel family Heritage” from Indonesia to Holland before we emmigrated to America in 1959. Please help me in finding the real family within the last name of Bommel. Thanks.


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